When migrants flee their homes healthcare gets put on hold, displacement disrupts medical care and that puts migrants at even greater risk, and for LGBTI+ migrants finding adequate healthcare that meets their needs without discrimination is extremely difficult.

We believe that health is a fundamental human right for all and that the path to a prosperous life is not possible without access to healthcare, which is why Casa Arcoiris has prioritized fostering the partnerships, collaborations and approaches that enable the LGBTI+ migrants to have access to healthcare support and medical treatment.

“We had a lot of benefits and many other things that other shelters do not give, like the [healthcare] help, the medicine, [the staff] is always making sure we aren’t lacking anything. I believe that’s something that we value a lot, when it is our health…”

“Kate,” trans women from El Salvador and former resident

Some of the organizations and foundations that the shelter closely works with include: Refugee Health Alliance, CODET foundation, HIAS, Medicos Sin Fronteras, Prevencasa, Families Belong Together, UABC Medicine and psychology, Centros de Servicios SER and Capasits, among others.

Casa Arcoiris has made it possible for the LGBTI+ migrants to have access to services such as hormone treatments, antiretroviral treatment, specific chronic diseases treatments, one-on-one consults, medications, mental health care, case to case treatments, follow-ups, educational workshops and more.

I was sick for a long time while at the house…they were always attentive, and I appreciate it.

-“Bryan,” former resident from Venezuela

However there are many conditions, illnesses, and services that are left uncovered such as gynecological services, dental services and some chronic degenerative diseases treatments. To address these needs, Casa Arcoiris works creatively and resourcefully while relying on the community for donations that help cover these costs.

To help Casa Arcoiris cover  some of these costs please visit or share the Casa Arcoíris’ Gofundme page, or for a Tax-deductible and recurring donation please visit our page with the International Community Foundation.