For LGBT+ migrants, finding adequate healthcare that meets their needs without discrimination is extremely difficult. Casa Arcoíris is extremely proud to partner with Dr. Ronica Mukerjee from Refugee Health Alliance, an LGBT+ and HIV specialist who provides our residents with hormones, antiretrovirals, one-on-one consults and education around these treatments and medications.

I was sick for a long time while at the house…they were always attentive, and I appreciate it.

-“Bryan,” former resident from Venezuela

Refugee Health Alliance and other partners also provide various other forms of healthcare to those staying at Casa Arcoíris, and are attending to the needs of many shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about Refugee Health Alliance at

“We had a lot of benefits and many other things that other shelters do not give, like the [healthcare] help, the medicine, [the staff] is always making sure we aren’t lacking anything. I believe that’s something that we value a lot, when it is our health…”

“Kate,” trans women from El Salvador and former resident