Accessing social services in Tijuana as an LGBTI+ migrant is extremely difficult and often comes with discrimination of their racial, sexual and gender identity. LGBTI+ migrants are also at high risk of experiencing violence, harassment, arbitrary detention by authorities, extortion, kidnapping and forced labor. Having a safe place to stay and access to social services is a huge step for the security and well-being of LGBTI+ migrants in Tijuana, and can make a life-changing difference during their stay here and their transition to a safe, long-term home.

Although Casa Arcoiris was born from the presence of caravans of migrants from the so-called Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras), its activity does not come down only to offering attention to people from those countries, it focuses on welcoming the LGBTI+ migrant community of any country. Since 2018, the shelter has housed a total of 180 LGBTI+ migrants from 16 nationalities. And has been able to do so while having a max capacity of 34 guests at the time to whom the shelter provides a safe temporary place to live with all the proper services, including quality meals, running water, electricity, gas, internet and, quite importantly, an accepting and diverse community that celebrates the freedom to live an authentic peaceful life.

“For me, Casa Arcoíris felt more like my home. Before being workers for the house, [the staff] provide a beautiful friendship”


A safe place to live cannot be under estimated under any circumstance and for LGBTI+ asylum seekers that have face prejudice, abuse, discrimination, racism and other forms of violence, this is especially true. Casa Arcoiris counts on contributions of foundations, organizations and individuals like you to cover the cost that allow the shelter to operate and offer essential services that guarantee a safe place for LGBTI+ asylum seekers. To make a donation visit the Casa Arcoíris’ Gofundme page, or for a Tax-deductible and recurring donation please visit our page with the International Community Foundation.