Tijuana has an appalling lack of services for both its migrant and LGBT+ populations, and these services have been stretched thin as unjust new asylum policies force thousands who fear for their lives to wait for months in Tijuana before seeking humanitarian protection in the United States. This ever-increasing wait time, combined with other policy changes affecting asylum seekers, the repression and oppression across the world towards the LGBT+ community, and now the COVID-19 crisis, all contribute to an increasing number of LGBT+ migrants in Tijuana and the complication of their needs.

As in many places in the world, accessing social services in Tijuana as an LGBT+ migrant is extremely difficult and often comes with discrimination of their racial, sexual and gender identity. They are also at high risk of experiencing violence, harassment, arbitrary detention by authorities, extortion, kidnapping and forced labor. Having a safe place to stay and access to social services is a huge step for the security and well-being of LGBT+ migrants in Tijuana, and can make a life-changing difference during their stay here and their transition to a safe, long-term home.

Learn more about legal support for LGBT+ migrants by contacting Border Butterflies at +52 (664) 538 2763.

To inquire more about opening your home or otherwise supporting an LGBT+ asylum seeker in this transition, contact us at +52 (664) 906 4181, or consider making a donation to Casa Arcoiris’ GoFundMe acount.