In Tijuana there are great limitations in services for both migrants and for the LGBTI+ populations; and the existing services have been stretched thin as unjust new asylum policies force thousands who fear for their lives to wait for months in Tijuana before seeking humanitarian protection in the United States. This ever-increasing wait time, combined with other policy changes affecting asylum seekers, the repression and oppression across the world towards the LGBT+ community, and now the COVID-19 crisis, all contribute to an increasing number of LGBT+ migrants in Tijuana and the complication of their needs.

See OIM report here: What is the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTI migrants?

Casa Arcoiris is committed to giving LGBTI+ migrants access to the much needed legal services, including access to asylum legal services, support for legal formalities in Mexico and legal formalities with the LGBTI+ migrants’ countries of origin through the appropriate consulates. And it does so by holding  alliances with binational organizations, while relying on the shelter’s team for legal formalities in Mexico and legal formalities with the LGBT+ migrants’ countries of origin.

While organizations provide asylum legal services free of charge, Casa Arcoiris does cover service fees with consulates, for passports, birth certificates and other services. To help cover these fees you can make a donation to Casa Arcoris at Casa Arcoiris’ GoFundMe account, or for a Tax-deductible and recurring donation please visit our page with the International Community Foundation.