Recycling and Compost

Casa Arcoiris is a shelter that can house up to 34 LGBTI+ migrants at the time and, while the shelters main focus is to provide humanitarian services, there is also a commitment to save resources, preventing pollution and maintain environmentally friendly practices.

A shelter is prone to creating a sustainable amount of waste doe to the high number of people cohabiting and for this reason the team at Casa Arcoiris is creative and diligent in the use of resources while also maintains an environmentally friendly system for recycling and compost making.

The recycling system consist of separating cardboard and paper in one bin, electronic base waist in one bin, recyclable plastic (cleaned, dried and compressed) in one bin and organic matter for compost in one bin, the compost is then used to nurture the shelters garden where vegetables are grown.

Everyone in Casa Arcoiris, residents and team, participate in keeping the recycling system in place. We believe that every effort in preserving our environment is like seed that will flourish and hopefully propagate in a welcoming environment, please recycle what you can.