Casa Arcoíris formally opened its shelter for LGBT+ migrants in February 2019, after several months of supporting and housing the large numbers of migrants arriving to Tijuana en masse during a migratory crisis that grabbed international headlines and completely inundated Tijuana’s social services. A committed team of local activists and a strong network of binational organizations have worked tirelessly to maintain the shelter and ensure that Casa Arcoíris residents receive not only housing, but also psychological support, medical attention, social services and comprehensive legal services from LGBT+ professionals.

Since February 2019, Casa Arcoíris has provided housing and services to over 150 LGBT+ migrants, with the vast majority seeking humanitarian protection in the United States after their stay in the shelter.

While many of the needs of LGBT+ migrants in Tijuana are tangible, Casa Arcoíris also provides something just as necessary for residents and staff alike: community, in which our differences are recognized and celebrated as we share common ground. 

“ todo el tiempo en esa casa atendida como una familia donde todos eran y somos una familia . -paletica

“For me, Casa Arcoíris felt more like my home. Before being workers for the house, [the staff] provide a beautiful friendship”