What we do

Casa Arcoiris is currently operating in a temporary facility that has the capacity to host a maximum of 40 migrants. There is coordinator/security presence on site at all hours, and expenses related to health care, legal support and transportation are covered by the organization. Staff and volunteers coordinate to bring opportunities for arts, education and activities to the residents and foster a sense of community.

Over 250 LGBTQ+ migrants, principally asylum seekers, have passed through Tijuana in 2018 and have received shelter, medical attention and legal services from projects related to Arcoiris.

Services we provide in partnership with our friends;

Health services
-Regular doctor visits
-Education and treatment of HIV/AIDS and STIs
-Psychological and mental/emotional health consultations

Legal services for asylum seekers:
-Consultations and preparation for asylum interviews
-Allocating legal representation for asylum hearings
-Finding responsible US sponsors for asylum seekers

Legal services for deportees:
-Obtaining Mexican documentation
-Coordination with employers to find stable work

-Coordination with employers to provide employment letters necessary to solicit humanitarian visas
-Consultations, photos, and transportation for the regularization process.

It is our intention to secure a permanent facility with a capacity of housing 100+ members of the LGBTI+ community in 2019.

To support these efforts, please visit our Donate section.

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